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William John Ramsey (1979)
Judy (Lyons) Hoyt (1959)
Sandra Dianne (Oxby) Klucas (1984)
Paul De Chirico (1972)
Karen Denise Ollis Moore (1990)

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August 24, 2019 - Class Of '59 60-year Reunion
September 28, 2019 - Class Of 1989 30th Year Reunion
October 12, 2019 - Class/73 - 70s Rams Roundup

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William John Ramsey (1979)

Updates from Members

Rees Clark 1960 08/21/2019 8:52 AM
Linda Olsen Menesez reports on Facebook that Jackie Mulley '60 died on June tenth of this year.
Rocky Curtiss 1962 08/02/2019 4:35 AM
On July 19 we moved into our new home in Lindale, GA. On July 30 I celebrated my 75th birthday, and this coming August 26 my wife, Joyce and I will celebrate 52 years of marriage....
Jeanne Ellen (Blakesley) Criss 1958 06/25/2019 3:23 PM
Still living happily in Huntington Beach. Fully retired from HBPD. Loving the 4 wonderful kids I have and and the 2 my mate of 32 years, Larry, has brought us. And our total of 11...

News Headlines

The Boys of May
Rocky Curtiss '62 reports: The class of '62 held its inaugural golf tournament on May 16, 2008, at The Ranch at Moreno Valley Golf Club. The "boys" divided into three teams representing Emperor, Cloverly, and Longden schools.

The... Continues...
Assn. to Compile Comprehensive List of Alumni
Because TCHS has no comprehensive list of former students, TCHS Alumni News is attempting to compile one. Round One is to ask for volunteers who will carefully type the names from each class yearbook — including "camera-shy" and otherwise... Continues...
Class of 1989 Reunion to Occur September 28
The Class of 1989 invites its members to make plans to join them at 7:00 PM, Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the Courtyard Marriott Pasadena/Monrovia.

Private Reception/Buffet/Socializing, $ 90.00 before 07/28/2019, $ 100.00 after... Continues...
Class of 1959 Reunion Announcement
Just a note to those who may not be on our email list: the Class of '59 will be meeting on August 24, at Clearman's Galley, 6:00, for our 60th reunion. Contact Judy Hoyt, 949-713-4713 with any questions.
Don't shoot; I am not black!
The recent Michael Brown affair in St. Louis has reminded me of a similar earlier event. In 1977 a high school classmate of mine named Ron Burkholder was shot and killed by an LA police officer after being confronted for bizarre behavior,... Continues...

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As I recall, the number announced on the first day of school was 309 or 310. We had a rather stellar completion rate if that's correct, though that's the rough counts, not the one-to-one comparison. It might be nice to include persons who spent less than four years with us but are remembered as classmates and friends. Opinions and suggestions are welcome.
As I recall, the number announced on the first day of school was 309 or 310. We had a rather stellar completion rate if that's correct, though that's the rough counts, not the one-to-one comparison.
The accompanying Forum topic has been closed. Here are the comments therefrom. rcurtiss Jul 24, 2008: Some may wonder why La Rosa Elementary was not included in our golf competition. When La Rosa opened its door in 1955 every sixth grader (the class of 1962) in the district ws sent there while the district juggled us all around while the new high school was being built. We had eight classes adding to our bonding and making for one of the best years each of us can remember. twykes Jul 29, 2008: I think, Bottom row 2nd from left- Rocky Curtiss Bottom row 3rd from left- Bill Gorisek Back row 4th from left- Gary Skelly rcurtiss Aug 07, 2008: 3 out of 13 is not bad, tho I am wondering how you picked me out??? Aren't you going to try to pick the others? twykes Aug 26, 2008: For the Boys of May picture I think Dick Swan is in the bottom row far right. Rocky, You and Bill Gorisek haven't changed a bit. Is Gary Langdale in the back row behind Rocky? rwatters Oct 06, 2008: I do believe the old guy in the front row...second from a fellow who was in my 8th grade class. He's the one in the red shirt...Rich Borger? He looks just the same way he did in the 50's. But then again, he may have looked old then! LOL.
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