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TCHS Alumni News
Temple City (California) High School
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Recent Registrations

Cyberspace WA
Comprehensive alumni sites, like the one you are viewing right now.
Cyberspace WA
Comprehensive campaign sites, like the one you are viewing right now.
626-285-8887 • 9506 E. Las Tunas Dr. Temple City CA 91780
Since 1968! Manager Ed Shanick, Class of 1960.
A social networking site hosted at Ning.
5939 Golden West Ave. Temple City CA 91780
Reference, and a shady place to sit in the park.
9501 E. Lemon Avenue Temple City CA 91780
Direct from an undisclosed location within the TC Unified School District (TCUSD), this site portrays TCHS still firmly planted on Lemon Avenue, looking forward to the 20th century with pride...
510-734-8398 •  CA
Photography and Video by Charles Anderson '76.
626-286-3101 • 9050 Las Tunas Drive Temple City CA 91780-1834
206-577-0550 • 914 164th St SE Suite B12 #361 Mill Creek WA 98012
Web publishing tools, inexpensive online periodicals, private social networks, web content management, database management services and custom sites. Hosts of TCHS Alumni News. (Rees Clark '60)
800-322-3599 • 18210 59th Ave SE Snohomish WA 98296
Native American art, home decor and hand-crafted furniture.

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